Dr. Steve Broe

Dr. Steve Broe

Leadership & Service

  General Manager of Advanced Educational Management
    Multiple responsibilities include legal and insurance liaison, investment
    analysis, and real estate operations. Company revenues derived from
    multiple operations, including child care centers, self-storage facilities,
    and commercial income properties. (2000 to Present)

  Past president of five different Toastmasters Clubs

  Leadership Excellence Award
    Three-time winner, Toastmasters International (1999, 2005 and 2010).

  Outstanding District 3 Toastmaster of the Year  (1993-1994)

  Cub Scout leader  (19941999)
    Five years service, including Den Leader, Cubmaster, Adult Leader Trainer.
    Four Peaks District Pack of the Year (1998)

  Vice President of the Arizona Child Care Association  (1994-1996)

  Executive Committee, Greater Phoenix Mensa  (2002)

  Public Relations Chair, Mensa Annual Gathering  (2002)

  Mentor to Speak United, Valley of the Sun United Way  (2011)

  Education Chair for District 3 Fall 2012 Toastmasters Conference  (2012)

Educator and Educational Leader

  Faculty Practitioner, University of Phoenix Online
    Taught undergraduate and graduate classes in management, organizational behavior, organizational development,
    critical thinking, and related online workshops (2001 Present)

  Superintendent And Founder
    American Grade Schools; Overall responsibility for management, finance, curriculum, human resources, public relations, and
    governmental relations for five new charter schools (K-6) in four cities. Introduced the Core Knowledge Curriculum to Arizona.

  Association for Performance Based Accreditation
    Service on self-study subcommittee. (2000)

  Co-Chair, Arizona Child Care Licensing Review Board,
    Named by Speaker of the State House of Representatives.
    Advised the Arizona legislature on appropriate child care regulation. (1995)

  Certified Advanced Facilitator, University of Phoenix

New Ideas in Leadership

  Study and doctoral dissertation
    Experience-based (phenomenological) inquiry into career change with Troops to Teachers, published 2008

  Interviews of 32 leaders in transition,
    Private research 2009-2010

  Book: Leaders in Transition, published in 2012 and now available on Amazon and Kindle

  Book: Leading the Way Up Mt. Olympus: How Acts of Leadership Help People Become Successful, available on Amazon

  My Career Impact
    Career blog since 2009

Audio Interviews

    Listen to Dr. Steve Broe talk about Leaders in Transition.  Steve was interviewed on the internet radio show
    The Joy of Wealthy Living
in May 2012.  The clip is about 12 minutes long.

Interview for Business Innovators Magazine, on Business Innovators Radio Show in February 2016.

Video Interviews and Presentations

    Watch Steve Broe talk about his next book.  Steve was interviewed by Lynn Murphy at the Biltmore Toastmasters club
    in May, 2013.  This video clip is 10 minutes long.

This Message is for Dreamers and It Is Worthwhile to Take Risks
    from "Journey to the Future" conference, Tempe, Arizona, in May 2016.


    Meditation, music performance (bass clarinet), reading, public speaking, Toastmasters, working out.


    Blog: http://mycareerimpact.com/blog-2/ 

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